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The Quantox Technology story begins over 16 years ago with nothing more than Vuk Popovic’s brilliant ideas and efforts. A man that’s known to the IT scene today was just a young man then – inexperienced and without a starting capital. However, he had a strong power of will and perseverance, a great interest in computers and modern technology, and a noticeable penchant for sales, all of which he transferred to his brother Milan, and together they founded their first BPO company.

With the help of his family, Vuk founded Media in Limited, making a huge- but-calculated risk that paid off thanks to great effort and work. The company grew, the number of employees increased and finally in 2012, Media in Limited became a global programming services provider.

With each client and successful project completed, the company’s portfolio and reputation grew until Quantox became what it is today- a multinational company that’s conquering new markets and industries, providing its employees with stability and opportunities to grow together and creating scalable IT solutions for its clients.

For 16 years, Quantox has been growing, fuelled with the same passion that created the company. With a mission to provide a holistic and all-encompassing approach to IT solutions and help all their clients, Quantox Technology became a recognizable brand where brilliant ideas are born.
At Quantox Technology, we believe in innovations that come with being able to unleash your people’s passion and energy. Our people own their destinies, while we give them plenty of opportunities to excel. For us, it’s all about inspiring the team to come forward with their ideas, giving support through every success and mistake, and constantly providing room to grow professionally!
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With over 500 employees, the Quantox team is one of the most diverse groups of people you’ll ever meet. However, they all have some things in common – passion, integrity, work ethic, innovative mind, an appetite for knowledge, and reinvention. Above all, the Quantox team loves challenges because they know overcoming them is the best way to grow, learn, and succeed.
We believe having fun is essential, from small interactions to big company gatherings. It’s not all about team building – it’s about having your crew be excited about what they are doing every day, creating a culture infused with enthusiasm, energy, and fun, and giving your people a chance to enjoy showing up and making results.
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Our employees’ success is our success. Whether they’ve built new software or helped our clients make a holistic shift in their digital sector, for over 16 years Quantox people are what propels our business forwards. Take a look at the types of projects Quantox people worked on!
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