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Getting your first job can be very stressful. We all went through that. The project we are especially proud of is the Quantox internship program for developers who don't have any work experience.

We are ready to invest, teach and engage our new colleague-interns regardless of their age, education, or work experience, showing them just how excitingly complex, but fun the IT world can be.


We pride ourselves on the innate ability to see the potential in our people and boost their career growth. This is why we are ready and willing to share the knowledge our interns and junior developers are missing to step up the ladder and become medior developers.
Our Junior 2 Medior program is designed to do just that and is a practice we'll continue for years to come.
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Skill Matrix
Knowing where your strengths are and where you need to upgrade your skills and freshen up your knowledge is the key to success and becoming a true professional. That's why all Quantox employees use Skill Matrix as a self-assessment tool that will help them evaluate their current skills according to levels of seniority. Quantox Technology Skill Matrix is the ultimate strategy for reshaping the way our employees look at their career paths and progress.
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