ATVs on mountain terrain
Over the years Quantox team has become a tight-knit
group of professionals thanks to many fun and
engaging opportunities to go somewhere, see
something, create things, and experience emotions
together. From New Years’ celebrations to the biggest
adrenaline-inducing F1 race Team Building ever – each
occasion made our bond and friendships stronger.
a set of numbers on a grey background.a set of numbers on a grey background.

Team Buidling - Kopaonik - 2022.

a group of people standing in front of a building in the snow.
Group of people engaged in a presentation
Group of people engaged in a presentation

Hungaroring Teambuilding

People enjoying a lively nighttime party
People enjoying a sunny day at a park in Budapest
Quantox team members captured at Hungaroring race track

Office celebrations

Team Buidling - Tribalion - Tara 2019.

Team Buidling - Nova Godina - 2019.

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