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Our people make the culture of Quantox – that unique inviting atmosphere everyone feels the moment they meet us. This is why our people are very important to us and we try to give them everything they need to learn, grow and build a better future.

What was once a company with a handful of people, in 16 years grew to a team of more than 500 qualified
experts from different fields. Quantox grew by allowing people to do what they love from the comfort of their hometown by completely decentralizing the IT industry.

Today, we are committed to each other and encourage new and fresh ideas, realizing them and growing

If you are cheerful and smiling.
If you are a friend, not a colleague.
Quantoxovac, some would say,
it’s easy to be
but Quantoxovac anyone can not be!



Teamwork at Quantox comes from within – no matter the office, city, or state they work in, our people have a common goal, equally support each other and cheer for one another’s success!


We are friendly and fun, but we have high work ethics, work on perfecting our skills every single day, know how to hold ourselves accountable, and, above all, we know how to go the extra mile to achieve incredible results. This is what makes us the professionals we want to be.


With simplicity and optimal use of effort, energy, time, and technology, our team grows more, learns faster, and gives better results.


Quantox Technology supports innovations and new ideas, no matter where they came from and where they’re going. Our people have been creating impactful solutions for over a decade with cutting-edge technologies. When it’s their turn to make their ideas into reality, Quantox is right there to support them!


The commitment to deliver the best product, create the best IT solutions, and create a positive working environment where we can grow together and succeed together is what all our employees have in common.


Quantox Technology people care enough to think about how they impact others – that’s what being respectful means to us. At the heart of it is caring for each other, our clients and the IT community



Quantox has X offices in Serbia – a network of teams that have been working together for years, from epicures, jazz, and rock lovers, to nature, barbecue, and good company lovers. It is a well-coordinated team in which many true friendships were born, but also great business ideas and solutions – a team that creates a special atmosphere that people feel as soon as they meet us for the first time.

The office in Kyiv was the first office we opened outside Serbia. We wanted to be joined by developers from abroad and Ukraine was a good choice given the very large IT potential it has. We got new colleagues very soon and the office started working.

The team of North Macedonia was formed completely from scratch. The office opened in February 2020 and one of the challenges we faced was getting the new people into full remote mode due to the pandemic that soon followed. Our people from Macedonia are known for their humor. They laugh a lot and often It’s not hard to work in an environment like that. Even the problem with the lack of parking in Skopje does not affect you so much anymore. Colleagues are extremely fond of teamwork, they want to help whenever they can. They have different interests, so while drinking coffee, you can spontaneously learn something new and exciting.

Despite being relatively new and with great results in development, the Montenegro team found another goal – to spread the story of Quantox goals and values by attending many local conferences, meetups, and seminars. When they are not working on spreading ”the word” about Quantox, this team practices La Dolce Vita in the best way – by enjoying the Adriatic coastline, surrounded by great food and music.

Located in a beautiful part of Banja Luka, our office is housing the most energetic group of people you’ll ever meet. Our every visit to this office starts with great new ideas and outstanding results but ends filled with good food, great company, music, and lots of laughter. Besides being incredibly hard-working, the Banja Luka team always creates an excellent atmosphere at every company gathering.

After careful market analysis and hard work, in 2020, Quantox opened its office in Germany. Working in this specific environment was possible only with good connections and relationships with local specialists who helped us enter the DACH region. Our team successfully presented Quantox Technology to this market, and because of its great potential, we expect our office in Germany to grow more in the future.

Romania showed great potential because of its talent pool of experienced developers, so we decided to open the Quantox office in Bucharest. This made the Romanian office our ”youngest” and with great prospects that sparked our interest. Our team already has a few people, and we are sure that number will exceed several dozen in the future.
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