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Q Brands and Endeavors

Quantox Foundation

‘The more you give, the more you have.” – Lao Tzu

Just as we care about our team members, we also care about our community. With the best of Quantox, we aim to solve humanity’s biggest challenges by providing funding, innovation, and technical expertise as support.

Quantox people want to be a part of the solution by giving life-changing and sometimes life-saving opportunities to those who need them the most.

Quantox Academy

Quantox was always a knowledge-sharing, talent-developing, and education-oriented environment. After having more than 200 programmers go through the Quantox internship program, the need to have a separate educational entity was born.
And so was Quantox Academy.

Intending to teach and develop IT talents capable of keeping up with IT industry changes, trends, and technologies, Quantox Academy provides indispensable practical knowledge and support for progress in IT.

QLab Accelerator Program

In 2022, Quantox Technology launched its first QLab Accelerator Program, designed to help people with new tech ideas and innovations finally take one step toward realization.

”From idea to realization in just 13 weeks” is the main slogan of QLab, where Quantox will provide the best teams and ideas with expert speakers, lectures, presentations, and workshops, as well as developers and designers needed to create an MVP (minimum viable product) ready to be pitched to the judges and investors.

Allowing great ideas to grow and develop into life-changing products and applications is the primary goal of the QLab Accelerator Program.